Full Moon in Aquarius


Belated Lammas Greetings to You!

Look how autumnal early August is looking!  As a keen gardener I am already planning for next year’s garden and am having to get on with the maintenance jobs before 2018 is with us.

Early August is interesting; there is the full Moon on 7th August as well as a lunar eclipse on that date.

Leos and Aquarians may be even more aware of changes on and around that date, and may see changes up to six months after the lunar eclipse. Leo and Aquarius are opposite each other in the natural zodiac hence the emphasis on those two signs, since at present the Sun is in Leo and on the 7th August the Moon will be full in Leo’s opposite sign of Aquarius.

 So what about the full Moon in Aquarius … well?

It is an ideal time to work magic for areas related to computers, technology and science as well as friendships, creative-expression, freedom and independence. Aquarius is ruled by Uranus the sky-god so astrology and astronomy could also be enhanced at this time in any magical work. Aquarius/ Uranus is also associated with breakthroughs and progress, being able to do things differently perhaps even creating controversy.  This is a very good time to break away from bad habits as well as looking to the future setting down ambition and goals.

Aquarius is very futuristic and sometimes misunderstood.  They are often radical in their thinking and ahead of their time.  When I list some Moon in Aquarian people further down,  you will see some people who  are/were individualistic and perhaps shocking to their contemporaries, I’ll give you an example to start with: Mr . Gerald Gardner …  you may have heard of him ? J

I think you get my gist and for those who may not have heard of him , no worries I’ll include some other examples as I said.

 In Medical Astrology the areas associated with Aquarius are the nervous system as well as ankles and calves so any ailments in these areas could benefit from a healing ritual. I know several Aquarians who had/have problems with their ankles; one will be reading this and thinking ‘isn’t that the truth!’

Colours associated with Aquarius and Uranus are electric-blue and sky-blue or colours that shock; metals and stones that are associated with Aquarius/Uranus are amber and uranium.

Moon in Aquarius suggests that the subject…

  •  Has an almost electric-like quality to them, magnetic and distinctive.
  • Need to retain their individuality and maintain their own space –both mentally and physically
  • Enjoy their friendships
  • Like to break with tradition and try out new things
  • Need intellectual stimulation
  • Does not enjoy emotional dependency
  • Thrives in group settings e.g. clubs, teams and societies
  • Thinks about humanity as a whole and its inequalities and injustices.
  • As always if you know your own Moon sign and have your natal chart , you would need to look at your Moon by its aspects, house and sign and the overall chart to help interpret the general message(s) of the Moon in the chart.

Now for those other examples of Moon in Aquarius:

Tennessee Williams

Tony Blair

Orson Welles

Joe Meek

Arthur Conan Doyle

Marilyn Monroe

Princess Diana

Carl Lewis

H. G. Wells

Charles Manson

Woody Allen

Britney Spears

Muhammad Ali

Richard Nixon

And as previously mentioned  there is  Gerald Brosseau Gardner the founder of modern witchcraft Wicca – a Sun Gemini and Moon Aquarius and one of the subjects of my forthcoming book Compass of the Stars (yes , I know I have mentioned it a million times before 🙂  .

As you can see I have found a real assortment subjects, some more contemporary than others.  However, I was  struck by the number of writers in this list and was thinking that their Lunar Aquarius really would need ‘space’ to write and produce their work.

I hope you have taken something from our Moon in Aquarius position and the subjects.

Enjoy the Moon’s tides

Until the next time

Bye for now!






One thought on “Full Moon in Aquarius

  1. A very interesting article, thank you – I will be passing it on to my friends who were born when the sun or moon was in aquarius x


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