Capricorn’s Full Moon & Detriments

Belated Midsummer Greetings Everyone!

Hope this finds you well and that you’re enjoying the season thus far.

Can you believe that a month has passed already since we last spoke …time just seems to run away doesn’t it or is it just me!

Speaking of time …this is significant to this month’s full moon Capricorn (and it’s ruler Saturn) today on 9th July, as it is a theme associated with this sign and planet.

You may be interested to know also that if you have Moon in Capricorn in your natal chart it is termed as being ‘detriment’, it isn’t as bad as it sounds, I’ll explain    .

Detriment simply means a planet which is positioned in the zodiac sign opposite the sign it rules, so in this case it is Cancer (as the Sun is in Cancer at the moment) which is ruled by the Moon, and Cancer is opposite Capricorn in the Zodiac wheel . Does that help at all ? If not here are a couple of other examples:

Aleister Crowley had Uranus in Leo in his natal chart.  Aquarius is ruled by Uranus and the opposite sign to Aquarius is Leo, Madame Blavatsky also shared this detrimental aspect in her natal chart.

Oh btw did I mention that both of the above are subjects of my forthcoming book ‘Compass Of The Stars’? J

Of more recent times:

Will. I. am. Saturn in Cancer in his natal chart . Capricorn is ruled by Saturn and is opposite the sign of Cancer in the Zodiac Wheel.

Cilla Black had Neptune in Virgo in her chart. Pisces is ruled by Neptune and the opposite sign to Virgo is Pisces.

Siouxie Soux like Blavatsky and Crowley also had Uranus in Leo as does Madonna  and these are all  generations of determined and creative individuals I think you’ll agree.

Barry White had 2 detriments in his chart which were Mars in Libra and Saturn in Cancer. So Aries is ruled by Mars and is opposite to Libra and Capricorn is ruled by Saturn and is opposite to Cancer in the Zodiac Wheel .

Paula Yates had Venus in Scorpio in her natal chart; so she was a Taurus (ruled by Venus) and Scorpio is the sign opposite Taurus in the Zodiac Wheel.


That is the technical /scientific explanation of those detriments and their oppositions, but what does it mean for that person, how does it help provide insight to their profile?

Well it certainly adds an emphatic energy to that placement and if you know the house that the planet is in, then you can gain further insight about the subject whose chart you’re looking at. There can be a ‘detrimental’ energy in that it may for example exacerbate or hide certain qualities. Later on here when I explain the Moon in Capricorn position, it may make more sense if it doesn’t already.

For example, Will. I. am. (his natal chart can be found on ) has Saturn in  Cancer in the seventh house ( the area that governs marriage and   –  both personal and professional) .

So we could say that with Saturn in Cancer that family and home is important to him, he may hide his emotions from his family even though he has a strong bond with them. Saturn in the seventh house indicates that in partnerships he may feel overwhelmed by a level of responsibility and that he may feel restricted by partnerships too. He may look for qualities of level-headedness and reliability as well as being able to bring those qualities to a partnership too , which would be invaluable in the business. He may also look to people who are older and wiser than him, that could be older both in terms of experience and years (interestingly the actress Sue Johnston also has Saturn in the seventh house). It is possible too that in partnerships he is seen as the authority figure and the wise one , all of these attributes are associated with Saturn . Will. I. am.   is a Sun sign Pisces with Sagittarius rising so the earthy and practical nature of Saturn would complement his adaptable and versatile nature.

Not all of us have detriment positions in our Natal Chart but I find the concept really interesting.


When the Moon is full in Capricorn it is an ideal time to work magic for ambition, career and organisation. In Medical astrology the areas governed by Capricorn are the bones, knees, teeth and skeleton, so any healing rituals for aliments concerning these areas would be beneficial at this time.

Colours you may enjoy working with are black and grey as these are associated with Capricorn and Saturn, but as always it’s up to you.

Moon in Capricorn suggests that the subject can :

Be reserved with his/her emotions

Appreciates established and traditional ways.

Has a strong need to be respected as well as a need to achieve.

A need to feel materially secure in old age.


Moon in Capricorn is at it’s best when :

Can organise and structure, putting a framework down.

Steadily build upon it’s status in society.

It doesn’t over-indulge or create excess…quality not quantity.

Assumes a caretaking role.

As always if you know your Moon sign and have your natal chart you would need to look at your Moon by its aspects, house and sign and the overall chart to help interpret the overall message(s) of the Moon in the chart.

Moon in Capricorn Subjects Include :       

David Beckham


Johnny Depp

Adolf Hitler

Arnold Schwarzenegger

Amy Winehouse

George Eliot

Kray Twins

Brad Pitt

Ian Brady

As we can see a REAL assortment of characters here  – some much more unsavoury than others.

Until the next time friends …








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