Full Moon in Sagittarius


The Moon is nearly full again and reaches its full potential in the excessive, optimistic and spiritual sign of Sagittarius on 9th June 2017.

Is your Moon sign Sagittarius? Or do you know anyone who has their Moon in Sagittarius? if so does any of the following ring true and inspire?

  1. When the Moon is full in Sagittarius it is an ideal time to work magic for politics ( I wander if Teresa May was consulting an ephemeris when she chose the date for the general election in England …ahem !)  as well as publications, long – distance travel, higher education , philosophy , legal matters, organised religion  and spirituality.


  1. In Medical astrology the areas governed by Sagittarius and its ruler Jupiter are ailments of the liver, hips and thighs, so any ailments relating to these areas could benefit from healing rituals at this time.



  1. Colours that are associated with Sagittarius/Jupiter are cerise pink, purple and turquoise, lovely noble colours especially purple as it is associated with ‘royal’ as Jupiter is also associated with royalty.


  1. Jupiter is also associated with the movers and the shakers, the celebrity in society, so we can see in a moment which subjects have a lunar Sagittarius – and if they move and shake us (or not) !


Astrologically, the Moon in Sagittarius can reveal the following possibilities in a natal (birth) chart:

That the subject can

See the wider picture in life, not get bogged-down with detail.

Have a confident and optimistic approach to life.

Speak bluntly sometimes going over-the-top causing unwittingly causing offence –and at times absolutely meaning to be frank.

Cheer you up, shrink your worries and give you a good Belly-Laugh.

Appreciate the good things in life.

Travel great distances both inwardly and physically.

Have a gypsy spirit that wanders and travels with ease.


Lunar Sagittarius is at its best when it

Lives without restrictions and feeling-hemmed in.

Can explore and find opportunities to grow, seeing life as an adventure.

Is able to find meaning and truths in life.

Is able to share knowledge and inspire others.

Loves with abundance.


I know one Moon Sagittarius who will be reading this and they just have to ‘arrive’ or ‘speak’ to me, and immediately makes me feel that all is well with the universe, that’s how influential that particular Moon Sagittarius can be .


As always if you know your Moon sign and have your natal chart you would need to look at your Moon by its’ aspects, house and sign and the overall chart to help interpret the overall message(s) of the Moon in the chart.


Here are some examples of Moon in Sagittarius subjects :


Judy Garland

Donald Trump

Mary Shelley

Pablo Picasso

Tiger Woods

Wolfgang A. Mozart

Justin Timberlake

Albert Einstein

Helen Duncan (one of the subjects in my forthcoming book ‘Compass Of The Stars’)


I think you’d agree all of the above examples have certainly made an impact in society in their lives whatever reason, and in some of them  have gone OTT in their own individual ways .

I dryly mentioned above about the current Prime Minister Teresa May using an ephemeris when she decided on a date for the General Election coming up .

I can’t help but do it , but I have been thinking about all sorts of astrological  symbolism for the outcome of the General Election – I think I may have some of Jupiter’s energy going on because I have been going to great extremes to think what the decision of the public  would be!

For example in the branch of ‘Mundane Astrology ‘( the area which looks at the astrology of the nation), the Sun represents the leader whilst the Moon represents the public. So I was thinking that if the Sun is the leader then on 9th June when the decision will have been made by the voters.  However the Sun will be in Gemini at that time which symbolises twins and so there may be some duality; perhaps it will be a hung-parliament or coalition.  For example, Jeremy Corbyn and Tim Farron could be joint leaders/prime ministers as they are both Sun sign Geminis.

Then I was thinking the Moon will be full so perhaps more people will turn out to vote, and it will be a really intense time for politics.  Perhaps that will give us ‘more’ of the same as Sagittarius likes to enlarge and go to excess but equally it likes freedom and to aim higher so that’s a possibility too which potentially could bring change.

Honestly, I think I should just wait and see …how about you any thoughts ?

(Sorry to those peeps in the world who are reading this and who are not affected by a General Election , I hope you have enjoyed my Moon in Sagittarius bit anyway.)

Until the next time!







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