Full Moon in Scorpio

Hi folks it’s lovely to speak with you again just at the time (the 10th May) when our friend Moon is full in the deep and mysterious sign of Scorpio.

Is your Moon sign Scorpio? Or do you know anyone who has their Moon in Scorpio, if so does any of the following ring true and/or inspire you at all?

When the Moon is full in Scorpio it is a good time to perform magical rituals which involve transformations, psychic growth, secrets and mysteries as well as areas related to sexual matters.

In Medical astrology the areas governed by Scorpio/Pluto are the reproductive organs, so any ailments relating to this area could benefit from healing rituals at this time.

Colours associated with Scorpio/Pluto are black as well as shades of deep reds such as burgundy and maroon.

Astrologically, the Moon in Scorpio can reveal the following possibilities in a natal (birth) chart:

That the subject can…

Seek out emotional intensity

Can see beyond facades and veils, perceptive to the core

May attract dramatic and emotional upheaval

Test their own inner strength

Resist superficial relationships as ‘it’s all or nothing’ for lunar Scorpions where loyalty is EVERYTHING, anything less is unfulfilling!

Be one of the most loyal partners and friends


Lunar Scorpio is at it’s best when it…

Solves mysteries

Is emotionally in control of itself and others

Transforming and healing

Has a satisfying sex-life and emotionally intense relationships

Understands human motivation (a highly developed intuition and interest in occult matters are widespread )


As always if you have your natal chart you would need to look at your Moon by its aspects, house and sign and the overall chart to help interpret the overall message of the Moon.


Here are some examples of Moon in Scorpio subjects:

Bruce Lee

Steven Spielberg

Cecil Williamson (founder of The Witchcraft Museum in Cornwall – and one of the subjects of my forthcoming book)

Gary Numan


Eric Clapton

James Cagney

John Paul Getty

Barry Gibb

Bob Monkhouse

Michael Hutchence AND Paula Yates (and yes, we know how intense their relationship was!)

Once again you can see what a huge variety this list covers.


So, enjoy the Moon’s tides and the energy and opportunities it can bring.

Bye for now peeps






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