Full Moon in Libra

Hi Everyone

Hope you are all well and enjoying the evidence of Spring, I love all of those Spring flowers, and the lovely fragrances that accompany it.  I just love at this time of year, all these connections with the Goddess, birth and fertility, as well as ‘Mothering Sunday’ having it’s symbolism (though it is hugely a commercial time too obviously! )

Anyway, another month has passed and the nurturing Moon is full in the considerate and sociable sign of Libra on 10th April.

This is a lovely time for any magical work which involves any artistic and design work, mental stimulation, partnerships and unions, as well as court cases and justice since these are all areas associated with Libra.

In Medical astrology the areas governed by Libra are the kidneys and the lower back, so any ailments relating to these could benefit from some healing rituals at this time.

Colours you may wish to use in your magical work can include pastel shades of  green and blue –although as always I think it important to go with the ‘inner magic’ of your gut feeling where colours are concerned and not to worry about being too anal about such things.

Astrologically, the Moon in Libra can reveal the following possibilities in a natal (birth) chart:


 That the subject can:

Go to great lengths to keep the peace as they need balance and harmony in their lives.

Be charming and kind.

Have a sweet tooth !

Go to great lengths to avoid confrontation and retain their popularity.


Libra is at its best when it

Has a beautiful and harmonious home.

Is creating calm.

Is bridge-building, match-making and negotiating.

Is in a 1: 1 situation.

Patronising the arts.

Is involved with beauty and cosmetics.

Working with colour, design and co-ordinating .


As always if you have your natal chart you would need to look at your Moon by its aspects, house and sign and the overall chart to help interpret the overall message of the Moon .


Here are some examples of Moon in Libra subjects

Maya Angelou

Madame H. Blavatsky ( one of the subjects of my forthcoming books)

Dion Fortune   ( another one of the subjects of my forthcoming books)

Linda Goodman ( and yes ! another one of the subjects of my forthcoming books)

Bertrand Russell

Sylvester Stallone (his mother Jaqueline is an astrologer !

D. H. Lawrence

Leonardo DiCaprio

Sylvia Plath

Jane Austen

Walt Disney

As ever these subjects are ‘through the ages’ as it were so it gives you a real variety to glimpse through.

Enjoy the Moon’s tides and the Spring !

Bye for now.











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