Full Moon in Virgo

And so another month has passed and the beautiful Moon has moved and is now full in the adaptable and resourceful sign of Virgo.

This is a perfect time for any magical work which involves dietary habits, employment, health, intellectual matters as well as any matters which require analysis, classification and detailed work, since these are all areas associated with Virgo.

In Medical astrology the areas governed by Virgo are the lower intestines and the nervous system, so any ailments relating to them would benefit from some healing rituals at this time.

Colours you may wish to use in your magical work can include green, orange, yellow and white.

Herbs and harvest fruits are also associated with Virgo (The Corn Maiden/Virgin) so perhaps you may want to use dill, fennel or parsley as they aid problems with the stomach and lower intestines. It’s a bit early yet for harvest fruits ( I suppose you could get canned harvest fruits but a tad messy me thinks , though they say ‘where there is a will there is a way’) .

Astrologically, the Moon in Virgo can reveal the following possibilities in a natal (birth) chart :

That the subject can

Show their love in a kind and practical way

Appreciate good manners and thoughtful behaviour

Can be quick to respond and possess a good memory

Can be self-critical

Are born worriers

Virgo is at its best when it is

Accounting and Analysing





Of service


As always if you have your natal chart you would need to look at your Moon by  its’ aspects, house and sign and the overall chart to help form the overall message of the Moon .

Here are some examples of Moon in Virgo subjects

John F. Kennedy

Richard Branson

Emmeline Pankhurst


Deepak Chopra

Gillian McKeith

Jodie Foster

Dolly Parton

John Travolta

As ever these subjects are ‘through the ages’ as it were so it gives you a real variety to glimpse through.

Enjoy the Moons’ tides

Will blog again soon

Bye for now!





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