Tales Of The Unexpected: Two Ladies of The Tarot and Astrology

Hi Everyone

Hope all is well with you.

I don’t know about you but now that Spring is here I can feel a weight lifted and a new ‘spring’ in my step excuse the pun !

Recently, I have been watching some episodes of Roald Dahl’s ‘Tales Of The Unexpected’, do you remember that series when it was on television?

I used to love that opening theme music with the woman in silhouette dancing, even more so I loved the tarot pack when you could see each tarot card being spun round. I can’t remember the exact name of that Tarot set but I know it is a classic one and have a feeling it originated in France. Once upon a time I had many a tarot set, I used to love all the different designs and colours and the symbolism on the cards would take me off to all kinds of places in my mind.

In seeing the tarot cards at the opening of ‘Tales of The Unexpected’ it got me thinking about the astrology in tarot in the Major Arcana cards and I thought perhaps you might like to reflect too, if you have a set of Tarot cards perhaps you’ll see your birth sign symbolised by the relevant card in a different way so here goes :-

Emperor    Aries

Hierophant  Taurus

Lovers    Gemini

Chariot  Cancer

Strength     Leo

Hermit    Virgo

Justice    Libra

Death    Scorpio

Temperance    Sagittarius

Devil       Capricorn

Star    Aquarius

Moon      Pisces

The remainder of the Major Arcana cards are divided to represent also the planets and the elements which I shall list here.

Fool     Air

Magician    Mercury

High Priestess   Moon

Empress   Venus

Wheel of Fortune   Jupiter

Hanged Man    Water

Tower   Mars

Sun     Sun

Judgment   Fire

World   Saturn

In terms of the suits in the cards and the elemental and magical quarter correspondences:-

Wands = Fire= South

Cups = Water = West

Pentacles = Earth = North

Sword = Air =East

I think you’ll agree that there is layer upon layer of symbolism in the cards and you can dig really deep with them.

But do you – like me – ever think about the artist(s) behind the images on the tarot cards?

In the process of researching and writing for my forthcoming book ‘Compass Of  The Stars’, I became familiar with two women: Pamela Colman Smith and Lady Frieda Harris. The former was the artist and illustrator for the Rider Waite pack, the front of the box for the cards reveals ‘Conceived by A. E Waite and Cards Designed by Pamela Colman Smith’. Pamelas’ birth sign was Aquarius and you can find out more about her extraordinary life here :


Lady Frieda Harris was the artist for Aleister Crowleys’ Thoth cards –she features in my chapter about Crowley , she was a Leo and you can read more about her here:


There are hundreds and hundreds of artists and designers who have helped many people through their work in the tarot packs, may there be many more of them and who know perhaps you are considering or are already working on design for a tarot pack…Good Luck if you are !

Oh btw, don’t mention to my publisher that I have been watching DVDs …just in case she is wandering where my next chapter is.

I’ll blog again soon

Bye for now.




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