Full Moon in Leo

Well here we are … another month has passed and another one is upon us.

The Moon is now full in the creative, generous and regal sign of Leo. This is a perfect time for any magical work on authority, children and artistic projects. If you are performing any healing rituals, then areas such as the heart, spine and upper back would benefit from such work as these are areas associated with Leo and its ruling planet the Sun.

Colours such as gold, orange and red are also associated with Leo so you may wish to incorporate these colours into your ritual.

Astrologically, the Moon in Leo can reveal the following possibilities in a natal (birth) chart :

  • You may need to express your feelings dramatically, with a need for appreciation and recognition so responding well to praise.
  • You may need to be number 1 – the best , for example, being the greatest leader, having the best home, to be the most loved child or a need to have the brightest children. If finances are not a problem there will definitely be a need to go out and have fun !


Moon in Leo can also inspire and help others to recognise where they can ‘shine their own light’ which makes them great coaches and teachers.

When the Moon Leo is under stress it potentially gives rise to:

The Drama Queen

Exhibitionism and pretentiousness

Unnecessary competitiveness

 Leo is at its best when it is generous, magnanimous and warm.

As always if you have your natal chart you would need to look at your Moon by its aspects, house and sign and the overall chart to get help from the overall message of the Moon in Leo placement.

Here are some famous Moon in Leo examples and you will see there is a tremendous variety as always:

David Bowie

Queen Elizabeth II

Barbara Streisand

Anne Frank

Venus Williams

Nancy Reagan

Cherie Blair

Margaret Thatcher

Oscar Wilde

Winston Churchill

Marlene Dietrich

Gordon Brown

Karen Carpenter

So what do you think, can you see the ‘creative, generous and regal’ in the above subjects, have they taken a centre stage in their lives?


In the meantime, enjoy yourselves by the light of the silvery moon.


Will Blog again soon


Bye for now.


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