Hero To Many – David Bowie

From All The Stars To Blackstar

I don’t know about you but I still can’t believe that Bowie has left us, perhaps in a way he hasn’t through his dynamic legacy, it’s really hard to put into words how much he did for people in so many different ways.

Watching BBC4 the other evening which was somewhat of a ‘Bowie-Fest’ it got me thinking, and not for the first time about his natal (birth) chart and his work.  Just to think that he would have been seventy on the 8th January and had been a significant presence for so many years.

If you would like to see his natal chart I attach it here:


As the Sun is still in the sign of Capricorn-Bowie’s sign,  I thought it would be interesting to have a look at some of the key points in Bowie’s chart, as you may remember from my  previous blogs there are many facets in  a natal chart and for the sake of keeping the blog short and sweet.

I shall be looking at Sun, Moon and Rising (ascending ) sign and perhaps a few added extras, so for anyone who is not a Bowie fan perhaps this blog is not for you , though tbh I can’t believe that would be the case of anyone, not that I am biased or anything !

So here goes , David Bowie was born David Robert Jones 8th January,1947, Brixton, London, UK :

Sun in Capricorn

An earth sign, practical , hardworking persistent and business minded. Ambitious to the core and can take time to be successful learning along the way.

Bowie had three planets in the hardworking sign of Capricorn, Sun, Mercury and Mars which gives him a particularly strong work ethic and sense of leadership; it also reveals just how driven he could be. At times he may have been ruthless all for the sake of business and getting to the top, such is the nature of Saturn the ruling planet of Capricorn.

Organisation and planning to help reach his goals with a sense of realism and practicality, will have been a skill of Bowie’s and this we can see in his final years for example , when he was dying of cancer and was busy producing his last album ‘Blackstar’ and writing the lyrics and songs for the musical Lazarus. It had been a lifetime’s ambition of Bowie’s to write a musical and this he did in the last few years of his life. He was able to see the musical performed in New York before he finally passed away.

Interestingly, his last tour (which he started but had to stop because of ill health), was called ‘A Reality Tour’, and realism is associated with Saturn. Other areas associated with Saturn include death, limitations and restrictions;  it seemed that Saturn’s symbolism of the Grim Reaper had knocked on Bowie’s door calling to him to slow down, which he did.

Sun is in twelfth house in Bowie’s natal chart, this is the area that represents imagination, unconscious, institutions (such as hospitals and prisons) as well as reclusiveness, secrets, magic and spirituality.

This we can see in Bowie’s life for example, when he withdrew for periods of time from the public eye in order to recharge his batteries, as well as having time to work on areas such as painting and song-writing.

In his life he was inspired by Aleister Crowley and sang about him in the song ‘Quicksand’ – ‘I’m closer to the Golden Dawn , immersed in Crowley’s uniform of imagery’.

Bowie also  practiced Buddhism and explored other areas of spirituality, he may have been interested to know ( or perhaps he did) that The Dalai Lama had the Sun in the twelfth house (although he is a Sun Sign Cancer).

Biographies also reveal that Bowie was a regular visitor to his half-brother Terry, when he was in hospital being treated for mental health issues. Sun in twelfth house is very much a position of the ‘power behind the throne’, ideal for artists, poets, songwriters and playwrights for example.

Moon in Leo

Leo is a fire sign, creative, glamorous and entertaining, likes to lead others and loves to be in the limelight.

This speaks for itself I think when it comes to Bowie , but particularly if you think when he was being interviewed he would often say that he was more ‘at home playing a character or part on stage’. It seems he felt he was more of an actor than a singer. Bowie also played John Merrick on Broadway in ‘The Elephant Man’ in which he received great acclaim for his expressive work without any make-up.

In his earlier years Bowie studied Avant-garde theatre and mime with Lindsay Kemp and he appeared in a production of Kemp’s theatrical production called ‘Pierrot in Turquoise’. It is through the media of film that Bowie had greater acting success, appearing in films such as ‘Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence, Absolute Beginners, Labyrinth, The Man Who Fell To Earth to name a few.

Leo is the sign on the DC (descendant) at the seventh house, which is the area which governs partnerships and relationships. It reveals that he was instinctively driven to working with creative and successful people and that loyalty was important to him too.

For example, he collaborated with Queen on ‘Under Pressure’, he dueted with Mick Jagger on ‘Dancing in the Street’ and his long term producer Tony Visconti and musician and producer Nile Rogers, not to mention dueting with Bing Crosby on ‘Drummer Boy’, and he collaborated on albums with musician Brian Eno.

In personal relationships he valued people who were artistic, original and understood his need for independence.  Interestingly his second wife and widow, supermodel Iman is a Leo, while his first wife Angie Bowie is a Libra. It also suggests that in partnerships there could have been role-playing and a touch of the dramatics and passion!

The Moon is also opposing Bowie’s ascending sign Aquarius, which suggests that what he portrayed as his public persona was in conflict with his real needs.  In the song ‘Lazarus’ which he wrote when he was dying from liver cancer, he wrote ‘Look up here I’m in Heaven’ and continues ‘ I’ve got drama, can’t be stolen’, showing how he had already ‘detached’ himself metaphorically from his body and could ‘see’ the drama which would be played out after his passing.

He staged the film to this song, where he could be seen blindfolded in hospital singing the song, which was quite a powerful image where in a sense art was imitating reality OR was it Saturn’s reality imitating art ?

AC Aquarius – Ascendant Aquarius

Individual and inventive in appearance, valuing the unusual and usually slim in appearance (Jim Morrison also had Aquarius ascendant). This sign suggests that Bowie had a wide range of friends but at the same time kept a certain distance which at times may have made him appear disinterested.

Aquarius and it’s ruler Uranus is by nature, shocking and unpredictable as well as inconsistent and revolutionary, freedom-loving and futuristic. Uranus is the sky-god and also governs areas such as astrology, astronomy science, computers and technology and space.

Bowie certainly was full of surprises in all his characters and different guises from Ziggy Stardust to The Thin White Duke and the New Romantic style in the eighties. Bowie has often said in interview that he associated with the alien/outsiders and the fringe… all of which are associated with Aquarius/Uranus. I love that we can see in his music the Aquarian side of life which is shown through the following:

The Man Who Fell To Earth (film)

Space Oddity

Loving The Alien

Is There Life on Mars?

Hallo Spaceboy

The Prettiest Star

Blackstar (album)

And of course not forgetting the unconventional Aquarius/Uranus in ‘Rebel Rebel’.

U.F.O. s are also associated with Aquarius/Uranus and it is documented in various biographies that Bowie had a strong affinity with ‘aliens’ as he felt that he was ‘detached’ from society like an outsider,  he also had seen U.F.O.s and he wrote for U.F. O. Magazines when he was a young man.

As mentioned above Aquarius and Uranus associate with shocks which include accidents, and given that the ascending sign is the area which associates with physical appearance, it is perhaps unsurprising that the accident during a fight when he was young, which caused Bowie to have eyes that seemed to be different colours, helped to created an appearance which was alien and weird, in a ‘not of this world’ kinda way, cool and detached just like the distinctive Aquarius.

I shall close now but I hope you have enjoyed my interpretation to areas of Bowie’s chart and that it has given you some food for thought.

Here’s to the Hero of many, personification of many

R.I.P. David Robert Jones aka David Bowie x






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