Full Moon in Cancer

The Moon is full in Cancer today which makes for a particularly significant lunar position as the Moon is at home in this sign, as it is the planet which rules Cancer.

This is a good time when working magic for domestic, family and home matters. If you are considering doing some healing rituals the areas associated with Cancer are the breasts, stomach, menstrual cycles and fertility in general. Colours you may want to consider using during your healing, meditation and spell-working are blue, pink and silver though as always go with your ‘gut’ and what feels right for you at the time.

The Moon in Cancer makes for an initiating, caring and sensitive placement some Moon in Cancer people that   I have found for you are as follows and as ever quite a variation :-

Aretha Franklin

Aaron Spelling

Thomas Hardy

Harrison Ford

Jimi Hendrix (as discussed in an earlier blog if you missed it)

Janis Joplin

Kurt Cobain

The Moon is associated with emotions and subconscious in astrology and is a key indicator of what motivates us, if you are lucky enough to have your natal chart then you can delve deeper into this by looking at the house placement and any other planets which are creating an angle with the Moon, to make an aspect.

The Moon also reveals the feminine and intuitive part of our personality and subconscious needs. It is also associated with the Mother or care-taking figure, this can represent your own Mother, yourself as a mother and in the case of a man the kind of woman he would be attracted to.

As mentioned above the Moon also governs domestic life and this can include areas such as baking, cooking, kitchen, laundry as well as nursing, Monday is also the day of the week ruled by the Moon  (Moonday) and so it is perhaps unsurprising and interesting I think, that back in the day (and for some still today)  many women found themselves occupied with these activities.

The Moon is also associated with memories and the past, and so as today is a Moon in Cancer today I am going take the opportunity of going down my memory lane with you, Aesops Fables? Do you remember those, I remember them from nursery and school and loved the animals that were used to create a story and ultimately words of wisdom.

I found this fable and thought I’d share as it seemed to be perfect for the Moon and a Moon in Cancer today…here it is

The Moon and Her Mother

The Moon once begged her mother to make her a gown.

“How Can I “replied she, “there’s no fitting your figure. At one time you’re a New Moon, at another you’re a Full Moon; and between whiles you’re neither one nor the other”

And Aesop’s wisdom on this

‘There is no pleasing the fickle’

Here’s to the constantly changing Moon!

I shall blog again soon peeps J


The Moon and Her Mother fable from ‘ Aaesop’s Illustrated Fables’ , published by Barnes and Noble 2011.


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