Essentially George…

Essentially George…

It’s Boxing Day and I like thousands of others may have had a difficult night’s sleep last night. .. not because of too much excess in chocolate and stodge etc  ( although there was a bit of that, well quite a lot actually), but I was shocked and totally stunned in hearing about the passing of George Michael on 25th December. Like 2016 hasn’t already taken its fair share of shining lights already and the year is not yet finished!

It seems strange to think that the shining lights in David Bowie (Capricorn), Rick Parfitt (Libra) and George Michael (Cancer) were all part of The Band Aid concert back in the nineteen eighties.  Now they have all passed on to a new life, but the common theme is that they all left a legacy, and whether or not you liked them as musicians or people they all left something.

It was quite ironic that I have said a few times over this Yuletide that I can’t bear that song  ‘Last Christmas’.  Every year without fail it turns up on the radio , TV and in the shops and now it would seem that George Michael had his ‘last Christmas’ on Christmas Day 2016. (In fairness, there were many of his songs that I did like, but NOTthat one.)

To try and make sense of the shock I decided to look at the astrology of George’s natal and transits chart to see if I could make any astrological sense of it all, there are certain words that keep resonating in the media describing him ‘private, reclusive, troubled, friendly, kind, gentle, happiest on stage’, so I thought the astrology might reveal some of these characteristics. If you are interested here are my observations below and the natal and transits chart of George Michael for Christmas Day, here first of all is the chart…


You will see that George was a Sun sign Cancer, Ascendant Cancer and Moon in Leo. The Cancerian indicates his caring and sensitive nature as well as leadership skills and initiating driving force.

The Moon in Leo reveals his love to perform and feeling satisfied when performing and being on stage, it also reveals that he valued his mother and the women in his life. It is well documented that he was deeply affected by the passing of his mother, and Cancer is the sign associated with the mother, so perhaps it is no wonder that as a sensitive Cancarian he especially felt the loss of his mother.

He would have been able to tune-in to the public’s need for fantasy and he may have been intuitively aware of the general public’s fantasy about him. In the tenth house is the razzmatazz energy of Jupiter which reveals that he would be famous in his career and that he would impact on society and bring a lot of joy to people.

Interestingly, faith is associated with Jupiter and this was the title of one of his most successful albums as a solo artist. He was often described as ordinary and down-to-earth; this description alludes to his modesty and can be found in the sign of Virgo which is earthy in nature as well as associating with kindliness, good manners and helpfulness.

There are three planets in the sign of Virgo in his natal chart; Mars, Uranus and Pluto and they are in the third house the area of communication.

What I find interesting is that people have described him as private, reclusive and withdrawing from the public eye, these are all associations of the twelfth house. If you can see his birth chart clearly enough here and can see the 12th house ( it is on the left hand side of the chart at the top, think of it as a slice of apple pie or pizza in the chart J ), you can see that there are three personal planets there; Sun, Mercury and Venus.

The twelfth house is the area for many things (just like the other houses) these areas include:

Elusiveness,   privacy, secrets, reclusiveness, seclusion, institutions and fragility.

The twelfth house is also associated with Pisces and Neptune and some of the qualities which correspond with them are:

Healing, compassion,   empathy, musicianship, artistry, imagination and escapism, intuition and soulfulness.

Some of the less helpful areas include; addiction (esp. to alcohol and narcotics), victimisation, fragility, sacrifice, boundary less and vulnerability.


So that’s the twelfth house… What else can we find?

The ascendant and Sun sign in Cancer reveal that he had a protective shell just like a Crab which is the symbol connected with Cancer, to conceal his fragile and sensitive emotions. His emotions probably fluctuated a lot which is in keeping with the constantly changing nature of the Moon, which rules the sign of Cancer.

The Sun (Self) in the twelfth house indicates a secret self and themes in the ‘closet’ as it were, Venus (relationships) in the twelfth also reveals secret relationships and affairs, so it must have been hugely liberating for George when he was able to come to terms with his sexuality and finally ‘come out of the closet’.

Sun, Mercury and Venus all in the twelfth house reveals (I know you already know this but am just providing you with the astrological interpretation) that he needed an element of self-sacrifice in his life, that he had a rich imagination and excelled in artistry and musicianship, the behind-the-scenes work of composing and song-writing would have been hugely important to him and very satisfying.

He may also have had strong intuitive feelings, Cancerians are known for their strengths of feelings and at times can be moody or touchy, the depth of feeling would have been helpful to George in his song-writing to help create atmosphere and mood in his work.

So these are some key pointers to his natal chart, but also very interesting I think is the transits that were happening on the day of his death. In the interest of keeping the blog short and sweet to the best of my ability, I shan’t waffle on in too much detail (I hope).

Here are some critical astrological areas to consider in the understanding of transiting planets. The transiting planets can be seen on the outside of the chart, they are the green symbols.

Below T. = transiting (although I’ve written the first couple of times in full)

Transiting Uranus was in the tenth house the area of career and position in society. Uranus bring shocks, surprises and events out of the blue, it also reveals changes to career choices and wanting to try something different. It is interesting to hear through the media that George had been making a documentary with James Corden (Leo) and that he had just finished making an album. If the documentary is ever shown it may reveal George in a different light as that is the nature of Uranus to progress and reform bringing with it a sense of enlightment.


Transiting Pluto the planet which symbolises death, rebirth and transformation was in the sixth house, this house associates with health, diet and work (and small animals).  There were three major aspects created between transiting Pluto: T.Pluto opposition ASC (the self), T.Pluto square natal Jupiter and T.Pluto sextile MC.

  1. Saturn was also in the sixth house; Saturn also represents cycles, life and death, beginnings and ends etc.

Interestingly some of the transiting planets were making major aspects with the Moon, which is pertinent as the Moon represents the home and George was found dead at home.

Those transiting planets and the aspects they were creating to the natal planets were:

  1. Jupiter sextile Moon,
  2. Saturn trine Moon,
  3. Uranus trine Moon.

Well, like many other people I am waiting for further news for the cause of death.  However, given that there was that planetary influence at the house of health, it suggests there were health issues for a long time in George’s life.  Fifty three years old and gone without any preparation or warning, what more can I say?





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