Winter Solstice, Yule Log and TV Cooks

Happy Winter Solstice everyone and let’s hear it for the rebirth of the Sun ! This is a time for personal reflection in an emotional and spiritual sense as well as reflecting upon the dying physical year whilst welcoming the new year ahead.

Astrologically the Sun has now moved into the sign of Capricorn, there are some Winter Solstice birthdays TONS I would imagine,  but two famous ones I have found are Jane Fonda and Samuel L. Jackson, so many happy solar returns to those Capricorn babies.

This time of year in the U.K. (and other parts of the world I dare say) you cannot move for information about how to cook food for Yule/Christmas. The television in particular milks the market for such items in advertising and programmes.

You’d be hard pushed though to find any of the celebrity chefs demonstrating and speaking about the symbolism akin to the Yule Log, more likely they’d be talking about a Chocolate Log and absolutely nothing wrong with that, yum, yum.

I understand that in times gone by The Yule Log was cut from oak and kindled from a fragment of the Yule Log which was saved from the previous year. Remains of the log were used for magical protection in the home to guard from lightning and fire.

As much as I am a foodie and enjoy cooking, BUT you cannot beat being cooked for –assuming it is a good cook that has made the meal that is !

Would you fancy any of these cooks making a meal for you? Your decision made may be partly based on their Sun sign J

Aries Mary Berry , Jennifer Paterson

Taurus Gary Rhodes, Antony Worrall Thompson, Ken Hom

Gemini Delia Smith, Jamie Oliver, Michel Roux Jr.

Cancer Gino D’acampo

Virgo Anjum Anand, David Myers                     

Libra Simon ‘Si’ King

Scorpio Ching He- Huang,  Lorraine Pascale, Gordon Ramsay

Capricorn Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, Nigella Lawson and Keith Floyd

Aquarius Graham Kerr

Pisces Paul Hollywood, Ainsley Harriot

The beady eyed of you will observe that I could not find any  celebrity cooks for the following signs, Leo and  Sagittarius , perhaps that tells us something about those signs in itself J.

You may have better luck than me though and find some famous cooks born under the signs of Leo and Sagittarius.

I’m starting to get hungry now thinking about all the aforementioned people doing their thing in the kitchen…Yule/Chocolate Log or not !

Have a wonderful Winter Solstice wherever you are in the world

Will blog again soon



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