Suzi Quatro and Astrology


Hello Again

Following on from my last two blogs, I share with you here some information about another American, (although for many years now she has lived in England) : the unique actress, singer/songwriter and musician Suzi Quatro.

Some of you may already know that she was born on 3rd June 1950 at 13.40pm in Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A. She is a Sun Gemini, Moon Capricorn and Ascendant Virgo. Astrology has always been very meaningful to Suzi ever since her father bought her a copy of an astrology book when she was a young child.

In her autobiography ‘Unzipped’ she wrote:

I think like a man but with the emotions of a woman. In my quest to understand what made me tick, and why I couldn’t just coast along like everyone else, I was either talking ten to the dozen or comatose, ridiculously happy or suicidal, and with a never-ending need to communicate. I would jump from topic to topic expecting everyone to follow me…Everything I did had a sense of urgency. So I must thank Dad for giving me my first astrology book when I was about ten years old. Flicking immediately to my own birth sign, Gemini, I began to read-and Eureka! So that’s the reason I am like I am”.

[From ‘Unzipped’ by Suzi Quatro published by Hodder & Stoughton paperback 2008, page 18.]

It really is amazing what astrological information you can find when you are not really looking for it. I bet you have your own tales too that you could tell.

Furthermore, Suzi’s Virgo ascendant shows how much she appreciates accuracy and specifics, e.g. she does not like her name ‘Suzi’ being spelt incorrectly.  Also, she was kind enough to tell me the exact time of birth in order for me to produce an analysis of her natal chart for the Fan Club’s Members magazine.

Well that’s it from me until the next time!

Bye for now




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