Barry White and The Astrologer

Hello to you again wherever you are in the world, I hope this finds you well.

In keeping with my last blog’s theme about an American subject (Jimi Hendrix in case you missed it!) I thought I’d share some information that I came across during my research for an astrological article which I wrote a while back.

Would you by any chance know who the astrologer was that was a huge inspiration to Barry when he was a teenager (actually she was to me as well)?

It was the American astrologer Linda Goodman.  You would be hard pushed to find any esoteric bookshop that didn’t stock her books once upon a time, e.g. ‘Linda Goodman’s Sun Signs’ and ‘Linda Goodman’s Love Signs’.

Barry White speaks knowledgeably about his astrological data in his autobiography ‘Insights on life and love, Love Unlimited’; he was Sun Sign Virgo, Moon Sign Cancer and Ascendant Capricorn, born on Tuesday 12th September 1944 at 4.42pm, in Galveston, Texas, USA.

When Barry was 15 he saw a ghost whilst he was on an errand for his mother getting the groceries. He started to cross the road when the WALK sign flashed-up and at that point there was nobody else there waiting to cross from the other side of the road. However, as he got to the intersection, from nowhere appeared a shabbily dressed woman; they caught each other’s eye as they passed each other.

She then told him in a kindly way that he was a ‘Virgo child’. At that point Barry had no idea what a Virgo was, let alone a Virgo child! So he asked her what that meant and she replied that one day he would achieve great success. Then the woman disappeared into the ether. As you can imagine the   experience had a transforming effect on Barry (indicative of 8th house themes), it quenched his compulsion and thirst for astrological knowledge and a curiosity about life after death

Shortly after this experience Barry was fortunate enough to be given a copy of Linda Goodman’s’ astrological book “Love Signs”. It was an important piece of literature for him, in that he was able to ‘self-seek’ and learn deeply about himself.

Barry virtually memorised the Virgo chapter from Goodman’s book, he soon became adept at intuitively ‘knowing’ a person’s Sun sign. Being a Virgo he will have wanted his knowledge to be ‘perfectly detailed’, since perfection and detail are areas connected with Virgo, as is knowledge. If you are interested in seeing Barry’s chart, it is supplied here:,_Barry .

Thanks for reading

Bye for now J

P.S.  Linda Goodman is the subject of Chapter 15 in my forthcoming book ‘Compass Of The Stars’.







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