Adele : Depression, Motherhood and Astrology

A short while ago the media was agog with articles about Adele and her experience of living with depression and post-natal depression. She spoke frankly about the post-natal depression she experienced after her son Angelo was born, as well as describing being “available to depression”,notably since she was 10 years old when her grandfather died. Since then she has received much therapy,  as she is prone to “slipping in and out of it” since the life-changing event of  her grandfather’s death.

In astrology there is an ancient system called ‘Medical Astrology’ which provides indications about emotional well-being, health and medical issues through observing the data in the natal chart. Interpretations can be made by looking at the aspects (angles) in a chart, the energies of the planets in the signs and the energies of the planets in the houses.  Each sign of the Zodiac is also associated with different parts of the body, for example starting with Aries the first sign of the Zodiac, areas associated with Aries are the head, brain and sinuses, the medical map finally finishes at the feet which associated with the last sign of the Zodiac Pisces. By looking at the individual’s natal chart, we can see by looking at the aforementioned indicators if those areas have inherited a strength or vulnerability (perhaps at another time we can look at the astrological medical map more closely).

Back to Adele…

Here is her natal chart to start with …from :


At a quick look you will see that she is Sun Taurus, Moon Sagittarius and Ascendant is Aquarius.

This reveals that she is determined, loyal and sensuous, is nature-loving and values the arts. Her emotional needs are met when she has the freedom and space to be what she wants to be when she wants to, for the nature of Sagittarius is impulsive and spontaneous. Adele would enjoy discussing her feelings and if you want an honest answer from her she can be frank and at times blunt, so we would know where we are with her.

Detail and limitations she may find boring and frustrating, as seeing the bigger picture and fostering a philosophical and spiritual view of the world is more satisfying for her. Others may see her as hugely individualistic, original and at times rebellious. Independence and truthfulness are essential to her, she meets the world with a friendliness and openness such are the qualities of Aquarius and it’s ruler Uranus.

So what about her emotional well-being and depression?

If we look at the 10th house the area, the house which represents career, parents, society and the public eye we can see three planets , Moon,  Saturn and Uranus and the MC (Midheaven ) is also Sagittarius – the MC represents the career in which we would be most fulfilled.

There is an aspect created between the Moon and Saturn which is called a conjunction and depending on the nature of the energies of both planets ( in this case Moon and Saturn) involved can determine the whether it is a harmonious contact between the two planets.

The Moon and Saturn’s contact can be challenging since the Moon represents emotions, feelings as well as the Mother. The Moon can feel the nature of Saturn which can be suppressing and limiting, creating low moods and energy. It has been well documented through the ages that Saturn is associated with depression, since the nature of Saturn is associated with deprivation, conditionality, guilt and limitations.

So it is perhaps unsurprising with this aspect in her chart, that Adele has felt depression through her young life thus far. Emphasising the ‘depressive’ side of her nature perhaps is that Saturn is in its own ruling sign of Capricorn. As mentioned above the Moon symbolises the Mother /care-taking figure and as the Moon is in Sagittarius this shows that she might prefer not to be tied-down in motherhood, but ideally would love to be able to relate with her children in an adventurous and optimistic way, coupled with companionship and good cheer.

The Moon/ Saturn contact is not all about depression though, as has been said before in the natal chart there are many facets and everything is balanced with a negative and positive slant, i.e. just like life itself. Other symbolism of Moon/Saturn contact includes being a dutiful and responsible mother, being emotionally-self-sufficient and perhaps having to grow up early where discipline and duty were paramount, all of these areas are associated with Saturn.

Saturn is in Capricorn as previously mentioned and it is also in the 10th house, this placement represents the energy of Capricorn and Saturn further as they both are naturally associated with the 10th house, so you can really see the emphasis of the Saturnian energy in her natal chart (Saturn, Uranus and Neptune are all in the sign of Capricorn in her chart).

Moon in the tenth house reveals that Adele may be sensitive to her public reputation, it can also manifest as being sensitive to her public’s needs, e.g. such as being able to respond to an audience. That she was able to be honest and open, both about her depression and about not wanting to give birth to anymore children, indicates the need for frankness in the public eye about such an important issue.  She recently made an interesting comment that really shows the astrology in action  :

“Eventually I just said, I’m going to give myself an afternoon a week, just to do whatever the f**k I want without my baby. A friend of mine said, ‘Really? Don’t you feel bad?’ I said, I do but not as bad as I’d feel if I didn’t do it.” ( )

Saturn also represents father and grandfather in astrology and so it is interesting that she ‘felt’ ( Moon)  so pessimistic ( Saturn) about her grandfather’s death  (Saturn).  Perhaps he was a solid-rock feature in her life when she was a young child, and when he died she felt without foundation and security.

 The Moon is also conjunct Uranus in the natal chart. This reveals a sense of being emotionally (Moon) detached (Uranus) from the Mother, perhaps she was more close to her grandfather than her biological mother? The aspect it also repeats the theme that as a mother, Adele needs freedom and space to pursue other activities. Moon/Uranus also indicates inconsistent behaviour, changing moods and rebellious feelings, since all these areas are associated with Uranus.

It also indicates that at times she may be absent and distant from her children and her public, as both Uranus and the energy of Moon Sagittarius can create the space needed from these areas.

Interestingly, this aspect can also relate to the theme of being a foster-mother, step-mother and guardian, as there is that biological distance created between the Moon and Uranus. Adele spoke of her biological son having a sibling by way of her partner having a child from a former relationship, which she seemed very satisfied with for both her and her son and indeed, Moon and Uranus are capable of creating such cool detachment.

We have seen Adele disappear for periods of time when she was songwriting and perhaps also healing herself through having therapy and recharging her batteries. Venus is in the fourth house, the area which represents the home and family life, and whilst Venus is satisfied in the home that Venus is in Gemini suggests that Adele needed to be stimulated in the home and perhaps this is where she wrote about her ‘love-life’. A love of speaking and writing, teaching and learning is shown with Venus in Gemini.

As Adele has now reached the ripe old age of 28 , she will be experiencing her first Saturn return which will be at the beginning of 2017. This means that transiting Saturn will return to the area in her natal chart and will be conjunct the natal planets in the 10th house as well as creating an opposition to Venus fourth house…what will this mean for her ? Perhaps officialdom in the home and public life…vmarriage and contracts perhaps, starting from scratch on something… only time will tell, since all these areas are associated with Saturn.

In her natal chart Pluto is in the eighth house which shows that she has tremendous inner strength and is able to transform herself, it also denotes that she may investigate and research the occult which could include astrology. If she has done this, she will know that all things pass and that astrologically energies of planets and their aspects can provide tremendous insight into our lives and can help us manage and plan effectively ( if we choose to).

Well that’s it from me, I hope I haven’t sent you to sleep!

Bye from me until the next time.


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