Herbs and Spices

Hello Again

Hope this finds you well wherever you are in the world.

The other day I was preparing dinner and as I sprinkled my rosemary into the meal I was cooking, I literally then ran out of it, darn and darn again! (well actually what I shouted out was worse than that !)

I have noticed that I tend to use herbs and spices more in the colder weather,  though in the warmer months I do like to use mint and basil and where I can I like to use garlic and ginger. What about you though, do you use herbs and spices all the time or more so at particular times or not at all?

In astrology it has been well established that plants, flowers, trees and herbs and spices are all associated with different planets and correspond with a particular Sun sign. For the healthy Virgos and healthy-eaters and of course everybody else, I thought it might be interesting to have a look at those associations, so here listed are the herbal/spices correspondences for your own Sun sign and it’s ruling planet:

Sun in Aries/Mars  Capers, mustard and cayenne pepper, red chillies.

Sun in Taurus / Venus  Cloves, spearmint, sorrel and mixed spices.

Sun in Gemini / Mercury  Aniseed, marjoram, balm, caraway.

Sun in Cancer / Moon   Saxifrage, verbena and tarragon.

Sun in Leo / Sun Saffron, marigold, peppermint, rosemary and rue.

Sun in Virgo / Mercury  those associated with Gemini because of the ruling planet Mercury of both of these signs.

Sun in Libra / Venus Mint and cayenne.

Sun in Scorpio / Pluto   Those associated with Aries as well as catmint and witch hazel.

Sun in Sagittarius / Jupiter   Sage, balsam, cinnamon and dock.

Sun in Capricorn / Saturn  Hemp, comfrey, knapweed and hemlock.

 Sun in Aquarius / Uranus  Chillies and peppers and those with sharp and unusual flavours.

Sun in Pisces / Neptune  Saccharin, lime and mosses.

Maybe at another time we can look at the correspondences for the flowers and trees?

When I ran out of my jar of rosemary I remember thinking ‘Mmm is that meaningful that I am missing out on something in my life that associates with ‘rosemary’, surprise surprise in compiling this list, it would seem the Sun is what I am missing and no doubt many others are too !

Anyway, enough of my ramblings.  Enjoy your herbs and spices and all the healing properties that they bring with them too.

Bye for now



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