Charity, Fundraising and Astrology

Hello Again-hope this finds you well.

Over the last few days in the U.K. the media has started to publicise the annual fundraising event for the Children in Need Charity for this week.. It occurred to me how over the years, just how much fundraising for charity has developed and the hugely unique ways in which people choose to fundraise and how they publicise the event. In one way it is great that people are so empowered and innovative in their fundraising methods events and, but in another way it angers me that government don’t do more to support those  that are in need for whatever need and reason that may be.

In astrology we can look to the ‘House System’ (see my blog in August about House system) for indicators of charity and fundraising, astrology is a multi-faceted system so there is a wealth of symbolism for each area in astrology.

I thought I’d share the natal chart of that well known activist, fundraiser and singer/songwriter Bob Geldof and information about his now deceased ex-wife Paula Yates, why Paula you may ask ? Well when I was writing my article for The Astrological Journal (The International Journal of The Astrological Association of Great Britain) article about  her (Paula Yates: Insatiable Rebellious Wit, Home-Loving Mother –August 2013) , I read her autobiography.

There she said it was her that originally had the inspiration for Live Aid after watching Michael Buerk’s report on the famine in Ethiopia, on the BBC news. She said that she put a home-made poster up in the Geldof’s kitchen. The poster said she was hoping to raise £200 for Ethiopia, and visitors to their home was asked to ‘donate a fiver’ (that was worth much more than today back in the nineteen- eighties! ) . That was how it started and Bob was inspired by her actions and announced to her, that he was “going to do a record for Ethiopia with everyone singing on it”, she then ably helped him to organise the group endeavour of Band Aid.  (Yates,  ’The Autobiography’, Harper Collins, 1995).

Here comes the astrology part now, below is the natal chart of Bob Geldof.


The beady-eyed of you will see that he is a Sun Sign Libra, Moon sign Sagittarius and Ascendant Sagittarius.

Since we are talking about charity and fundraising, if I was an employer wanting to  employ Geldof as a fundraiser (and assuming I had astrological knowledge!), I would look to the following areas in Geldof’s natal chart ( as well as the Sun, Moon and ascendant); the third, sixth, seventh, eighth, tenth, eleventh and twelfth house.

3rd House-area of communications, networking and contacts.

6th house-area of service and work

7th house-area of business relationships.

8th house- area of other people’s resources and money/legacy and inheritance/taxes.

10th house- area of career, position in society, public role and status

11th house-campaigning, groups, kindred spirits, organisations,

12th house-area of institutions ( can include asylums, prisons, hospitals and workhouses), the unseen and unheard voice- related to  charity work and those who work behind the scenes.

So in Geldof’s natal chart :

Jupiter is in the third house indicating an open-mindedness, communication can be blunt and direct remember that so called phrase of his during Band Aid when he was trying to generate more funds “give us your f*c*ing money”, can’t be more direct than that I suppose !

It also suggests he has a lot to say and perhaps talks too much at times, perhaps even going to excess. This planetary placement has the potential to grasp new concepts and seeing the bigger picture of life is indicated. Inspiration, philosophy and travel may enrich his mind since these areas are connected with Jupiter, and in turn his communication techniques may inspire others. There is a sense also of the opinionated, preacher and teacher since these are also associated with Jupiter,  since this planet is also connected with the ‘foreign’ it could be said that he could understand and speak foreign languages.

Sixth house there are no planets in the sixth house, but note this does not mean he doesn’t do any work! Mercury is the ruling planet of the house cusp in the chart. This indicates that in his work there is plenty of movement and travel, a variety of work, that other languages maybe involved and that learning, reading, speaking and writing are important in his work.

Seventh house there are no planets in the seventh house, but note this does not mean that he does not have any business partnerships! Again Mercury is the ruler of the seventh house cusp, and indicates that in 1:1 partnerships that involve debate, negotiation and stimulation are important, partners who he is able to have an intellectual companionship with would work well for Geldof, a meeting of minds would be what Geldof is looking for in his work. As the seventh house is associated with partnerships (both business and personal) it perhaps unsurprising that he co-wrote one of the best-selling songs of all time ‘Do They Know It’s Christmas Time?’

Eighth house the planets Mars, Pluto and Venus are situated here, which hold tremendous potential for obtaining other people’s money, so through charitable works he has the ability to transform (Pluto) perhaps getting the charity to regenerate itself through financial means. Of course through Live Aid, Geldof tried to generate new life for the millions of starving people in Africa.  Pluto also has tremendous inner strength when it is in the eight house, which is helpful in a crisis and intense situations. In terms of charitable works, obtaining grants for example, are possible with this placement; persuading donors to leave a legacy in their will to charity, and inheriting gifts-Gift Aid is another possibility. Venus also brings charm, diplomacy, effectiveness and money in this area, whilst assertive Mars brings energy and passion which needs to be controlled and utilised in a constructive way.

Tenth house there are no planets in the tenth house which does not mean that he was not recognised in society or had any part to play (obvious I think).The ruling planet of the tenth house cusp is Venus just about at 29 degrees (29 degrees and 0 degrees in astrology are termed ‘critical’ as the planet is either about to leave it’s journey in that sign or start it’s journey in another) . Venus as a house cusp ruler suggests that Geldof was naturally was attracted to people who had good connections and who can enhance his status and advance his social progress. Need I mention that Geldof was appointed an honorary knighthood by the Queen (who is a Taurus like his ex-wife Paula, both children of Venus !) and he was also awarded the ‘Man Of Peace’ title which is given for making outstanding contributions to international social justice and peace. Quite apt really to Geldof’s Sun sign Libra symbolised by the scales of justice, which constantly striving for equality and justice.

Eleventh house there are no planets in the eleventh house and as you might expect this does not mean that Geldof was not involved with groups, organisations, campaigning, volunteering or indeed had any friends ( all 11th house stuff) !. Pluto is the ruling planet of the eleventh house cusp and indicates that in the aforementioned areas that Geldof could have a position of great power and that he could use his strength to motivate groups to reform society for the better. The eleventh house holds symbolism for rebelliousness and unconformity so perhaps it is unsurprising that he was a member of a punk group The Boomtown Rats.


Twelfth house the Moon is in the twelfth house and indicates that Geldof is immensely compassionate and understanding,  Geldof was nick-named ‘Saint Bob’ by the media in the Live-Aid Days and martyrdom and sainthood are all associated with Pisces/Neptune and twelfth house, good eh?

Moon in Pisces also associates with an intuitive and psychic nature and this I can demonstrate by 3 of my subjects in ‘Compass Of The Stars’; Aleister Crowley, Sybil Leek and Doreen Valiente –  I think that speaks for itself too.

So what do you think? If you were on the board of interviewers interviewing Geldof for a job as fundraiser, would it be a ‘Yes’ from you ?

Sending blessings to all charity workers and voluntary workers, paid and unpaid and all the individuals who will be generating funds for a good cause.

Until the next time


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