Full Moon in Taurus

  Hello, puhleese can you tell me where the month has gone ?

The Moon is full in the sign of Taurus on November 14th.. This is a good time for magical work on love, property, possessions and money. Healing rituals would benefit any ailments of the neck and throat since these are areas associated with Taurus. 

If you are considering for example, any candle magic or ribbon magic you may want to consider the soothing colours associated with Taurus and it’s ruling planet Venus, that being the pale shades of blue and green, or as I always say go with your ‘gut’ and intuition.  These colours may not feel appropriate; so let that inner magic of intuition be your guide in your magical work.

Were you born when the Moon was in Taurus? If so then others that also have this placement include;

Bill Clinton, Bob Dylan, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Germaine Greer, Christine Keeler, Jim Morrison, Karl Marx and Diana Ross. Quite an assortment!

Generally speaking people born with the Moon in Taurus need emotional and security and stability in their lives. They excel in the garden, kitchen and enjoy home-life, can be caring and loving and at times can be possessive.

I said ‘generally’ above, as you can’t look at each planetary placement in isolation you have to have a look at the natal chart as a whole.  This means taking into consideration for example, areas such as the aspects, house systems and angles to get the full picture to see just how unique we all are and where our challenges and strengths lie.

Enjoy the energy of the full moon and the rewards that it can bring.

Bye for now.


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