Radio Ga-Ga


Just had to stop a while from putting the final touches to my Gerald Gardner chapter for ‘Compass’ and write to you.

The radio is on in the other room and my astro-radar peaked when I started to hear the radio presenter talking about Capricorns and Pisces. As an astrologer, this piqued my interest so I turned up the volume…

It turned out that it was not a discussion as such about Capricorns and Pisces as such, but he was using those signs to help illustrate a point.

The national discussion was about ‘Immigrant drivers using their mobile phones while they were driving’, and the presenter was saying that the fact that they were ‘immigrant’ was about as relevant as their star signs!

I wander what Mr Gardner would have made of this subject… I bet he would have loved modern information technology and mobile phones, especially with Mercury so prominent in his chart.


But I digress… so back to the grindstone.


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