Honouring Crone and Pluto


With the Celtic celebration of Samhain upon us, I thought it would be interesting to look astrologically what is happening on the date of 31st October/1st November to see how the astrology fits into The Wheel Of The Year, as well as the similarities between the mythology of the Crone which is associated with this festival.

The Sun is now in the sign of Scorpio and will stay there until the 22nd November, its ruler being Pluto. In astrology Pluto is associated with the afterlife and death, force of regeneration and transformation. It is also connected with areas of the ‘Underworld’ all things which are underground and hidden, for example crime, investigation and the taboo in society, all of which have a secretive nature to them. Any occupation which is ‘underground’ is also associated with Pluto, e.g. mining, plumbing and the Underground (Tube) network itself.

As death (both metaphysical and physical) is associated with Pluto it is perhaps unsurprising that the occupations of forensic scientists, funeral undertaker and mortician are also associated with Scorpio/Pluto.  Other areas associated with the transformative ‘unseen’ Plutonian nature include healing, particularly through psychoanalysis and psychiatry, as well as psychic assistance through the divination arts and the Occult, Pluto is intuitive, perceptive and powerful.

Colours associated with Pluto are black and dark reds, stone and metal associated with Pluto are Jet and Plutonium, and perhaps this is part of the reason we see many people wearing black at this time of year, especially at Samhian .

The Greeks believed Pluto to be the God of wealth and buried treasure, this being hidden in one’s subconscious, the inner power that we all possess. Delving and digging can help an individual to transform any buried blockages and reveal the hidden treasures in the personality, this where counselling, psychoanalysis and psychiatry comes into it’s own.

The Swiss psychiatrist and  psychotherapist Carl Gustav Jung, was a Sun sign Leo with Jupiter in the eighth house and Pluto in the third house of communications.  Jupiter shows  he was inspired and had opportunities to transform others, he enjoyed delving and researching. Pluto in the third house of communications and communicating shows he was a deep thinker and that he spoke and wrote about  Plutonian themes. Jung also wrote book on astrology and dreams.

The Austrian neurologist and founder of psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud was a Sun sign Taurus, with Scorpio on the ascendant and Moon and Saturn in the eighth house in his natal chart.xxx

As Pluto is associated with power it is perhaps unsurprising that politicians have a strong Plutonian theme in their charts, for example : Margaret Thatcher was a Sun Libra with a Scorpio ascendant, and Pluto in the eighth house , this area in the chart is ruled in the natural Zodiac by Scorpio/Pluto. History has shown how Thatcher used her ‘power’ to degenerate and sabotage the coal and mining (Pluto) communities in the U.K. Pluto is determined and uncompromising.

Nigel Farageis a Sun sign Aries, with Pluto conjunct his ascendant Virgo and has Sun, Mars and Jupiter in the eighth house, this area ruled by Scorpio/Pluto as mentioned above. Themes of death and rejuvenation are connected with the eighth house and this seems particularly pertinent to Farage when he was leader of the UKIP party and inspired many voters to leave the European Union in the June referendum.

When this happened he had helped to achieve the party’s aim, but in doing so left many thinking what was the party’s mission now, since the pivotal ambition had been achieved, some had thought of it as the ‘death’ of the political party, since it had transformed the position of UK in ( now out!) of the European Union, like a phoenix not rising from the ashes-or will it?

Hillary Clinton is a double-Scorpio in that she is a Sun Scorpio and her ascending sign is Scorpio, she has Uranus the innovative and progressive ruler of humanitarian Aquarius in the eighth house which is governed by Scorpio/Pluto and is the area of transformation-as mentioned above. T

The nature of Scorpio is controlled and secretive and so if Clinton has consulted with astrologers, numerologists, psychics or tarot readers for example she is likely to keep it hidden and veiled, unlike a predecessor at the White House, Ronald Reagan (Aquarius) who regularly consulted with his astrologer Joan Quigley.


So that’s the astrology but what about Samhain and The Crone?

In the Wiccan Wheel Of The Year, at Samhain-31st October/1st November, this is where goodbye is said to the God and is a temporary farewell until the God appears again at Yule, ready to start the cycle of the God and Goddess again. It is a time of celebration and joy; it is believed that the veil between humanity and the spirit world are at it’s thinnest. A time to honour ancestors and the spirit of the Old Ones and those that have gone before us to the Summerlands.  A good time to look to the past and into the future, growth of new ideas to  help find one’s inner path . Samhain is also known as November Eve, Feast of The Dead, Hallows and All Hallows.

The Crone is the third aspect of the Triple Goddess understanding; she signifies old age, death and the end of all things. She also symbolises the post-menstrual phases of women’s lives and the waning moon. Death and destruction come before the regeneration through her cauldron of rebirth. Black cats, dogs and crows are also associated with her and help to guard the gates of the Underworld where she and her familiars are waiting to receive the dead into their new lives.

Through the nature of Scorpio/Pluto and the reasons to celebrate Samhain we can see where there is the common theme of death and rebirth, rejuvenation and transformation and acknowledging and remembering our nearest and dearest in the spirit realms.

Some Scorpio /Samhain/ Feast of The Dead Birthdays:

Poet, John Keats 31st October

Broadcaster, Jimmy Saville 31st October.  He is a perfect example of the dark side of Scorpio with its misuse of power (like some politicians at times) secrecy and his involvement with matters that society regards as totally taboo. 

Occultist , Cheiro 1st November AND subject of my Chapter Five in my forthcoming book ‘Compass Of The Stars’

Actress, Toni Collette , 1st November.

Apologies if you already knew some or  all of this but I really fancied looking at the blend of the natural tides between astrology and the Wiccan Wheel Of The Year.

Enjoy your celebrations from a Pluto/8th houser !





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