‘Do You Think I’m Classy?- Rod Stewart Receives a Knighthood

Recently singer-songwriter Rod Stewart received a Knighthood from Prince William for services to music and charity. Whether you agree with the Honours System or not, I thought it may be interesting to see what astrological transits Rod may have been experiencing when he received his Knighthood on 11th October 2016.

The Natal and Transits chart are set out below, the green symbols on the outside are the transiting planets and the black symbols inside the circle represent the Natal planets, i.e. where the planets were when baby Rod was born. You will see that in his Natal chart, the Sun sign is Capricorn, his Moon sign Scorpio and ascendant is Libra.


On the 9th September 2016, Jupiter moved into the sign of Libra (his ascendant sign) creating a minor aspect in Rods’ natal and transiting chart which will be discussed later. Jupiter bestows blessings, good fortune and opportunities, and when in the sign of Libra it spotlights on partnerships bringing an abundance of harmony and peace.

This placement also suggests that Rod will want the world to be a more balanced and spiritual place, looking to the world philosophically, with faith and optimism since these are all areas associated with Jupiter. Royalty and the movers and shakers also associate with influential Jupiter, so perhaps it is no surprise that Rod the Capricorn (a sign which is at ease with the Establishment) should rub shoulders with royalty at this time.

Jupiter is in the twelfth house the area which associates with charity and hospitals and behind the scenes-work. For example, the songwriter not the song, the artist not the art, the playwright not the play… I’m sure you get the gist.

Speaking of Libra do you notice how Rod is always colour co-ordinated whether he is wearing tartan, leopard-skin or polka-dot? That Libran ruling planet Venus and its association with flare and style really comes into its own I think when it comes to looking at Rod’s attire both off and off stage (if you doubt me, just look at the photo above!).

As always, I prefer to keep the blog short n sweet where possible so will just be focusing on a few of the transiting planets which were making aspects in Rod’s Natal and Transit chart last week.

Here we go ..

Transiting Saturn is sextile the Ascendant … suggests that Rod is seen as accomplished and respected and that his hard work and sense of duty have made him an established personality in the world. Transiting Saturn is in the third house of communication and reveals that Rod may see some areas of communication and networking are unnecessary.

In other words cutting out the irrelevant, perhaps feeling that time and structure are essential now and that collecting certain contacts and information along the way are not productive, i.e. less is more. Being comprehensive and thorough are essential to him at this period in his life.

Transiting Pluto is square the ascendant… which suggests that Rod is looking for a greater intimacy    and intensity in his relationships such is the energy of Pluto. Although wanting such depths in relationships he would not appreciate being dominated by other people at this time.

Transiting Pluto is also in the third house of communication and so superficial chit-chat will not appeal to him. Rod may find a new and more meaningful way of expressing himself. Issues related to his siblings may come to the fore and he may find a deeper way of communicating with them, a new community or neighbourhood maybe possible, since the third house associates with not only communication but also neighbourhoods and siblings.

Transiting Jupiter is quincunx Venus and suggests that Rod has achieved real accomplishment now and in arriving at this point, he may have had to make sacrifices with money and in relationships.

Transiting Jupiter is in the twelfth house and suggests that any altruistic and charitable work, serving others and working voluntarily will be immensely satisfying to Rod. Retreat and privacy may be even more enjoyable  at this cycle in his life. Any behind-the-scenes work will bring benefits to him and a sense of spiritual renewal is likely. He may be more intuitive now and meditation and relaxation could bring benefits to him where he could invigorate and rejuvenate himself.

Having looked now at some of Rod’s natal chart and transits –  ‘Do you think he is classy?’

Yes, I think so with a Knighthood for services to charity and music, congratulations Sir Rod!


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