Full Moon in Aries


There will be a full Moon in Aries on October 16th.  This is a perfect time to do magical work which involves initiation, leadership and willpower – all qualities associated with Aries and it’s ruler Mars.

This is also an ideal time for doing any healing rituals especially for any ailments connected with the face, head or brain as in Medical Astrology these areas of the body are connected with Aries/Mars.

If you are doing any candle or ribbon magic for example, don’t forget the vibrant colour associated with Aries and Mars, i.e., any shade of RED!!

Were you born when the Moon was in Aries? If so then you share that lunar placement with two of my subjects from ‘Compass Of The Stars’ , author and folklorist Eric Maple and witch Alex Sanders two pioneers in their respective areas.

Enjoy the energies of the Full Moon and all the rewards it can bring.


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