By The Light Of The Silvery Moon…

Lunar Returns

You may remember a while back I wrote about the transiting Sun as a Solar Return, along with the meaning of the phrase ‘Many Happy Returns.’

To accompany the Sun’s return’ I thought I’d write about  Lunar returns, i.e the  transiting Moon and what that means.

So… just like the Sun ‘returns’ to the Natal position once a year, this is also the same for the Moon except in the case of the Moon it occurs approximately just under every 28 days. In any year there will be thirteen (sometimes fourteen) Lunar Returns in a year.

If you are interested in drawing up a Lunar Return chart to see what themes lay ahead for your forthcoming Lunar month, you can go to the free website  and generate a Lunar Return chart.

Where a Solar Return can look at the themes ahead for the forthcoming year, the Lunar return addresses themes on a day-to-day level in the month ahead, rather than major transits for example which looks at critical points in a chart and which last longer than a month. So the Lunar Return chart is much more about day-to-day preoccupations within the month ahead.

When interpreting a Lunar Return chart the most significant area to look at is the house position as this will reveal not only the area of your life that you are preoccupied with on a mundane level, but also where you find emotional satisfaction and what you are emotionally involved with, since the Moon symbolises our emotions and feelings. The Ascendant sign will reveal how one seeks to express your emotional needs and how one approaches getting needs met The other areas to consider in the Lunar Return chart are the MC (Midheaven) and Angular Planets , what I mean by that is any planets which are on the Ascendant, MC, DC or IC. There are other areas to consider but for the sake of keeping the blog short n sweet, I am just focusing on the aforementioned areas.

When interpreting any chart, the main themes will appear and will be repeated and said in different ways, themes for the month should be emphasised more than once.

I thought it may be helpful to have a look at both a Natal Chart and a Lunar Chart so that you can see what I mean by the above. I don’t know about you but for me (especially with astrology) visuals are of paramount importance!

Here is the Natal Chart first of all for that well known individual Donald Trump…


You will see that he was born on 14th June 1946 which makes him a Sun Sign Gemini (at 22 degrees) , Moon Sign is Sagittarius (at 21 degrees), he was born on a Full Moon. His Ascendant sign (AC) is Leo and MC is Taurus.

Now here is a Lunar Return chart for the month of October, you will see that Trump has a Lunar Return on the 7th October 2016 , where the Moon returns to the exact degree that the Moon was in his Natal Chart, that being 21 degrees.


So let’s have a look at the key areas in that Lunar Return to see what he may emotionally be involved with in that month and where he is going to feel emotionally satisfied.

The Moon is in the fourth house, the Ascendant is Virgo, MC is Gemini and Neptune is on the Descendant.

Moon in fourth house indicates that his priorities will be to do with feeling secured and settled within himself, quite an introspective month where his innermost personal and private world be of focus. Family and home-life will be of particular importance to him during this lunar return, where he may reflect upon his emotional needs and will have a sense of needing to know where he belongs, these feelings will be heightened at this time.

The Virgo ascendant indicates that Trump will be involved with required etiquette, codes of behaviour and procedures. Focusing on such areas could possibly bring him success if he adheres to areas such as editing his thoughts and excluding needless words and a written agenda may help with a complex month ahead enabling him to deal with the details of a bigger plan.

Adapting his diet and perhaps change in health and lifestyle maybe in order as Virgo corresponds with these areas. Organisation and planning will be of immense help during this month.

The Gemini MC suggests there maybe changes in his career and that daily  routines may become changeable. He may have to do a lot of travelling in his work and he may feel less stable in his career than previously. He may have to do more networking and speaking in his work than previous months, communication is everything.

Neptune is conjunct the Descendant and indicates that where relationships are concerned that he may be yearning for perfection in his relationships with others. Trump may be especially vulnerable at this time and could deceive himself regarding what is happening between him and another person. This placement can also indicate that he may be bring confusion, deception and illusion to his relationships, since these are all areas associated with Neptune’s energy. Neptune is also associated with the divine, magical and spiritual so perhaps he will be looking for such inspiration in his relationships too.

So there is a brief interpretation of the Lunar Return for Donald Trump which begins on 7th October…

Hope you have taken something from this blog on Lunar Returns however big or small.

Did you know that the Moon governs the day Monday and also associates with the word month?

Moonbeams and Moonlight sent to you through the airwaves.







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