Venus In Blue Jeans

As I write this blog the Sun has just moved into the sign of Libra and is conjunct with Venus the ruler of Libra (and Taurus).

I thought it might be worth looking again at some of the associations of Libra and Venus just to refresh the old grey matter and to have a bit of fun with some anonymous Venusian charts.

Libra is the third cardinal sign and air sign of the Zodiac, the Sun moves into Libra between approximately 23rd September to 22nd October and as previously said, Libra is ruled by Venus.

Libra is the only sign in the Western Zodiac that is neither animal fish nor human and is represented by the set of Scales, symbolising that it needs to ‘weigh things up’ before making a decision and is constantly striving for balance and fairness.

Libra is a sociable sign concerned with relationships both business and personal. Other keywords associated with Libra are; co-operation, ideals, harmony, indecision and justice.

When it comes to appearance, Librans love to appear colour co-ordinated, elegant and stylish showing their artistic streak through use of accessories and jewellery.  Beauty, fragrance and skin products are also appealing to Libra as its’ ruler Venus is the planet of art, beauty, love and harmony.

Below are three natal (birth) charts.  Will you be able to guess who they belong to? The things they have in common are that:

  • they are all Libra,
  • they are all associated significantly with the colour blue
  • all born in October,
  • all are British and all have lived at an address which starts, No.10.

Each of these Librans, who are/were known very well in the public domain captured the tabloid press attention by their individual flair with the following, but WHO are they?

  • Chart 1 = handbags
  • Chart 2= Leopard Skin Shoes
  • Chart 3 = Skin Products


Chart  1


Chart 2



Chart 3


Did you guess who the three Librans were? Good on ya if you got that :

Chart 1= Margaret Thatcher

Chart 2= Theresa May

Chart 3= David Cameron

Hope you enjoyed looking at the natal charts too, did you spot that David Cameron is a double-Libra with both his Sun and Ascendant sign being in the sign of Libra?



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