Happy Solar Return Cecil!

 Happy Birthday to the original owner of the Museum of Witchcraft in Cornwall, Mr Cecil Hugh Williamson was born on 18th September 1909 and passed from this world into the next on 9th December 1999.

Williamson is the subject of Chapter Ten in ‘Compass Of The Stars’, I am currently researching and writing that chapter and have to say that I don’t think I have ever seen So many challenges and determination in a Natal Chart. I have for a long time thought that Williamson hadn’t been credited enough for the work that he did in bringing together a Museum of Witchcraft for future generations to learn from, and that as a man somehow he had been left behind. I wanted to learn more about what motivated the man and felt I could do this through astrology, hence him being included in my book.

Through my research I have discovered that he had an accomplished film career, was an MI6 agent and curator of several museums, not just the Museum in Cornwall. Amongst others he was friends with Gerald Gardner (the subject of Chapter Seven in my book) and writer Ian Fleming.

Williamson has what is termed a ‘Grand Cross’ in his natal chart. This occurs when four planets are all separated from each other by square aspects being ninety degrees apart. It can also be viewed as two oppositions one hundred eighty degrees apart, separated from each other by a square. There is a planet in each astrological element but all the planets are in signs of the same modality or quality. It is possible to have a Grand Cross where all the planets are not in the same element which is termed disassociate.

The Grand Cross in a chart reveals that whilst the subject has the potential of achieving great things, it will be faced with qualities of a Saturnian nature such as difficulties, hurdles and obstacles which are presented on the subject’s path, which shows that great achievements can me made but they are mostly hard-won. You wouldn’t believe for example, the absolute nightmares that Williamson had to go through in finally being able to set up the Museum of Witchcraft in Cornwall, that man really had determination and grit !

Linda Goodman, the American astrologer and subject of Chapter Sixteen in ‘Compass Of The Stars’ also had a Grand Cross in her chart, her life was well challenging to say the very very least.

For those that are interested Williamson was a Sun Sign Virgo and Moon Sign Scorpio, an industrious and hardworking person who was intensely private, perceptive and sensitive, Goodman was a Sun Sign Aries and Moon Libra, born on a full moon she was dynamic and pioneering especially in her relationships and her original astrology books about relationships, e.g her books called. Sun Signs and Love  Signs.

I’ll close for now until I next blog, but I hope you’ll join me in wishing Williamson a Happy Birthday today ( Solar Return) , he would have been 107…not bad eh !




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