Full Moon in Pisces

The Moon is full in Pisces now and for magical purposes this is a good time for magical work which involves clairvoyance, dreamwork, creative art, healing, music, poetry and romance, since these are all areas associated with Pisces and it’s ruling planet Neptune.

Healing rituals for the feet or lymph glands are also beneficial at this time, as in Medical Astrology these are the areas connected with Pisces.

In my forthcoming book ‘Compass Of the Stars’ there are three subjects who were born when the Moon was in Pisces; Aleister Crowley, Sybil Leek and Doreen Valiente:

  • Crowley’s Moon was at 22 degrees in Pisces
  • Leek’s Moon was at 21 degrees in Pisces
  • Valiente’s Moon was at 27 degrees in Pisces

Three very different people who were all very much at home with magic, poetry and ritual.  Enjoy the energies of the Full Moon and all the rewards it can bring


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