Example of Some Transits

Did you guess from the clues given in the last blog who I would be using as an example to illustrate some transits? Good on you if you guessed it was singer-songwriter Amy Winehouse. Unfortunately, she died far too young, passing from this life into the next on the 23rd July 2011.  Had she still been alive she would have been celebrating her thirty-third birthday (or solar return!) today (14th September).

I thought it may be interesting to look at two of the transits that were taking place on the final day of her life.  The Transiting planets are seen on the outside of the chart in green, the Natal Planets inside the circle. Since I like to read blogs that are short(ish), I am mindful that some of you may like blogs to be ‘short-n-sweet’ too, so I shall not be covering all of the transits that were occurring on that day, to help avoid this blog becoming too long.

On 23rd July 2011 the Natal and Transits chart (which you can see below) shows that Transiting Neptune was in the tenth house and Transiting Uranus was in the eleventh house. If you remember the tenth house rules career and status and the eleventh house friends, goals and groups.



Amy Winehouse Natal and Transits Chart for Day She Died (23rd July 2011)

(Image above generated from Astro-dienst website http://www.astro.com)

The associations of Neptune include among other things: alcohol, compassion, confusion, deception, dependency, drugs, imagination, romance, deception, alcohol.  The associations of Uranus include (again, among other things) accidents, awakenings, freedom, independence, interruptions, shocks and truth.

On the day that Amy Winehouse died, two of the significant transits which were occurring were (1) Transiting Neptune square the Moon and (2) Transiting Uranus trine Jupiter. So what does this mean?

If we look at the house placement of the transiting planet, the energies of the transiting planet and the aspect that is being created between the Transiting planet and Natal planet then we are able to start thinking about the interpretation.

Transiting Neptune square the Moon.

Transiting Neptune in the tenth house alters one’s attitude to one’s career; discipline and responsibility are likely to dissolve into muddle and uncertainty.  Artistic, musical and spiritual arenas can be successful as these are areas where one can go with the tides, going with the flow as it were and working with one’s intuition.

Under this transit one may feel emotionally vulnerable and one’s emotional needs may have changed.  Misunderstandings can be prominent at this time especially where relationships are concerned and they have the potential to be fascinating and unrealistic, moods and emotions can be fleeting and disappear quickly.

During this transit one’s empathy may be so great, that one can easily become subjective to anyone with negative emotions, so it is advisable to avoid people who may try to control through manipulative and subtle means such as hinting and suggesting. The body can be much more sensitive than normal under this transit, addiction and dependency relationships with alcohol and drugs are quite possible.

For that reason it is advisable to be under guidance of a G.P. or healthcare professional, more than normal. As the Moon associates with food and digestion it is possible that one’s digestive system may get confused to by the invasion of alcohol and drugs which is another reason to be careful around the level of alcohol and drugs consumed.  Emotional vulnerability may also generate upsets with the digestion system. One may feel more comfortable at home retreating and withdrawing from the outer world to help heal oneself.

Transiting Uranus trine Uranus

Transiting Uranus in the eleventh house brings opportunities to meet eccentric and unusual friends as well as opportunities for experimenting. One may be drawn to people who seem unconventional to others; friends may be seen as outsiders or on the fringe of society. One may feel drawn to groups or societies that are trying to heal and make progress in the world.

Ambitions and goals may change as the nature of Uranus is erratic, inconsistent and unpredictable. Transiting Uranus trine Uranus in the Natal Chart can indicate a sense of overthrowing existing relationships in order to find freedom and liberty from limitations and restrictions that any relationships may have imposed on your needs. Extreme and radical changes are needed in order for progress in one’s life.

To give an idea of just how long a planet’s orbit can be: if we look at Transiting Neptune, on the day of Amy’s death it was it had just moved into it’s own ruling planet Pisces and was at 0 degrees and nineteen minutes retrograde. Transiting Neptune will be in its own sign Pisces now until January 2026 when it moves into Aries. Transiting Uranus was in Aries on the day of Amy’s death at four degrees and thirty minutes and will stay in Aries until May 2018 before moving into Taurus.

So, my friends, that is a brief look at some Transits examples.  I hope you’ve found them interesting.



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