Cycles Within Cycles

As sure as night follows day, there is the inevitability that as the planets orbit, we will all experience a planetary transit, but what is a Transit?

If you think of the planets always being on the move, then a transit means ‘travelling planet’, a bit like a transit van which transports people and items from one place to another.

In a natal chart we are informed as to where the planets were in the sky at the time when someone was born, in a Transits chart we are informed as to where the planets are now. The comparison of the two charts illustrates whether the ‘travelling planet’ is making an aspect. This can be helpful for any given day which maybe important to you, for example, if you wanted to look ahead astrologically for any given day, for example, when you were moving house, starting a new course, getting married or researching astrology.

It is also helpful in research in being able to look back at a certain event too, so we can see what was happening astrologically.  Oh yes, that benefit of hindsight! If one of the travelling planets was making a close connection with any of the planets or major points on your Natal chart this would be considered an important transit.

As the planets move at different speeds, some more slowly than others, it is the outer slower moving planets that we consider in transits, i.e. Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. When working with transits you do not have to know your exact time of birth, calculations can still be made to see whether the transiting planet is making an important aspect with your Natal planet, although your natal chart would not show you the House System, Ascendant or Midheaven.

If you know your time of birth, you will have the advantage of being able to see which area of your life the transiting planet is . As a recap here is a basic list again which I shared in a previous blog about the nature of the Houses:

  1. Appearance, image, self
  2. Earnings, possessions and values
  3. Communication, mentality
  4. Home, parents, heritage
  5. Pleasure, love affairs and children
  6. Health, work
  7. Spouse, partnerships (both business and personal)
  8. Other people’s money, sex, death
  9. Beliefs, Higher education, philosophy, travel
  10. Career, status
  11. Friends and societies
  12. Secrets, hidden things

And here is a list about the general meanings of the planets:

Sun –  Self-expression, creativity and personality.

Moon –  Emotions, feelings, maternal, home and babies

Mercury – Communication, thinking, writing and travelling.

Venus – Attraction, beauty, love, money and possessions

Mars – Assertion, aggression, energy, sex-drive

Jupiter – Growth, expansion, long-distance-travel, beliefs and philosophy

Saturn –  Caution, restriction, foundations, patience and responsibility.

Uranus –  Awakenings, freedom, independence, shocks and surprises.

Neptune –  Imagination, romance, psychic, healing, confusion and deception.

Pluto –  Transformation, death and rebirth, perception, power, obsession and sex.

The free internet website can help you to investigate your own transits.

Next time I blog I shall include an example of somebody’s transits, a person who was very much in the public eye, can your Neptunian and Plutonian selves sense who it maybe from the clues here?

 Sun sign Virgo

Born in the early 1980s

Singer and songwriter

Addiction battles




Get your thinking caps on…







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