Getting an Angle On It

You may (or may not) know that in a natal chart there are four important symbols that signify areas of our personality, which are known as the ‘angles’. These areas are the four cardinal points which comprise:

  • Ascendant (AC)
  • Descendant (DC)
  • Imum Coeli (IC)
  • Medium Coeli- Midheaven (MC)

If you can visualise a circle with a cross through the middle and then think of a clock-face, sun wheel blog 19the symbols are found at:

  • 9 o clock – AC
  • 3 o clock – DC
  • 6 o clock – IC
  • 12 o clock –MC

Those areas represent the following areas of a personality:

  • AC- reflects the personality you project when you meet others; it’s about your image and physical appearance and the way others perceive you. In order to calculate your AC you need exact time and place of birth. The AC is the sign of the Zodiac which is rising on the eastern horizon at the time of birth.
  •  DC- represents relationships, what you are attracted to and what you need from a partner, it is opposite the AC in a chart.
  • IC- is the symbolic point directly below a person at their time of birth and represents your background, heritage and roots.
  • MC – is found opposite the IC and is the symbolic point directly overhead at the time of birth and represents achievement and what you would be happiest doing.

If there are planets conjunct on any of these pivotal points in a natal chart it reveals the ‘point’ in question along with the planet involved being particularly significant in one’s life. I’ll show you two ‘real’ examples to help illustrate what I mean: Janis Joplin and Prince.

Janis Joplin: was Sun Sign Capricorn born on 19th January, 1943 at 9.45am, Port Arthur, Texas, USA:  Aquarius AC, Leo DC, Gemini IC, and Sagittarius MC.

When Joplin was born Saturn was conjunct the Gemini IC. This suggests that she may have been afraid of putting down roots and that she may have felt that any family responsibilities may have hampered pursuits of her ambition and goals. The Gemini IC suggests that she may have moved around a lot, which she certainly did whilst she was on the road touring in her career.

The Sagittarius MC indicates that she would have excelled in a career where she could be a free spirit, independent and able to travel. Spirituality, philosophy and politics would have been tremendously important to her and she could easily take things to excess, as these are also areas associated with Sagittarius and it it’s ruler Jupiter.

Her Aquarius AC shows that she valued individualism in appearance and invented her own sense of style which was different and edgy. Her Leo DC shows that she was attracted to creative and individual partners and would have enjoyed a partner that she could be proud of.

Prince was Sun Sign Gemini born on 7th June 1958 at   6.17pm, Minneapolis, USA.

When Prince was born Pluto was conjunct the Virgo MC. This suggests that he was highly ambitious and could be compulsive, intense and passionate about his career. The sexual lyrics in his songs for example, pertain to the energy and nature of Pluto. The placement also reveals he may have undergone transformations throughout his career, where rebirth and a sense of resurrection may have been necessary to satisfy his soul and where his work was meaningful to him.

The Pisces IC suggests that he may have come from a family that was artistic, musical or religious (both his parents were musicians).  It also suggests that Prince was intuitive, psychic and sighted such are the associations of Pisces and its ruler Neptune. Illness and sickness are also associated with Pisces/Neptune, Prince said that he was born epileptic and used to have seizures.

The psychic and mediumistic nature of Prince can be illustrated for example, when he once told his mother as a young boy that he had seen an angel who told him that he would get better and his health improve ( His Scorpio AC reveals that he had an air of intensity about him and that he could have appeared mysterious, almost magnetic.

No surprises really that the colours associated with Scorpio are black, purple and dark red. His Taurus DC reveals that in partnerships that he would be attracted to a partner who is loyal and passionate.

Hope you find the interpretations helpful and insightful.









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