Three Women Blessed With The Virtues of Mercury

Since the beginning of 2016 we have seen many of the celebrated and the famous pass away, and we still have a few months left in the year so who knows what the remainder of the year will bring.

Amongst that group of people were three women each of whom were talented not just as actresses and comediennes but also as writers.  Those women were Carla Lane, Caroline Aherne and Victoria Wood. Although the exact time of their births are unknown (at least not yet in the public arena as far as I know), using a flat chart (I’ve done an earlier blog post on this) we can generate a natal chart to show where the planets were on the day of their birth.

Carla Lane was born on 5th August 1928 and died on 31st May 2016. She had the Sun and Mercury in the sign of Leo and the Moon was in the sign of Aries.  She was an English television screenwriter and amongst her most notable works were: Bread, Butterflies and The Liver Birds

Caroline Aherne was born on the 24th December 1963 and died on the 2nd July 2016. She had the Sun and Mercury in the sign of Capricorn and her Moon sign was also in Aries. She was an English actress, comedienne and writer and her most notable work included The Fast Show, Gogglebox, Mrs Merton and The Royle Family.

Victoria Wood was born on the 19th May 1953 and died on 20th April 2016. She had the Sun and Mercury in Taurus and the Moon was in Leo. She was an English actress, comedienne, director and singer-songwriter some of her most notable work for television included; Acorn Antiques, Dinner Ladies and Victoria Wood.

So –  what are the virtues of Mercury the Winged Messenger and its associations?

Well, Mercury was the god of communications; commerce, reading, writing, teaching and writing. Mercury is also known as the god of the healing arts. In Egyptian mythology, Mercury was known as Thoth, the baboon god who was Lord of communication and scribe to the gods. In Norse mythology, Mercury was known as Loki, a messenger who was a cunning, humorous trickster-a fast-talking, quick thinker a communicator with the silver-tongue.

In astrology Mercury is the planet that we look to for indications about comedy and humour. In the flat natal charts of Aherne, Lane and Wood, Mercury is creating dialogues with other planets, i.e. they are making aspects. This reveals that the three women would have been at home with communication and knowledge as well as having skills of reading, speaking and writing.

  • In Aherne’s chart Mercury is: conjunct Mars, sextile Neptune and trine Pluto.
  • In Lane’s chart Mercury is: sextile Mars, square Jupiter and trine Uranus.
  • In Wood’s chart Mercury is square Pluto

Astrologer and author Frank C. Clifford observed that  where there are aspects created between Mercury and Mars and Mercury and Uranus that, both aspects are fast-paced and concerned with releasing tension-which he describes as ‘essential facets of humour’ (Clifford,2015:3)

  • Mercury is in Capricorn for Aherne: this suggests she had a practical and sensible mind with and that she was good in business, as these are areas associated with Capricorn.
  • Mercury is in Leo for Lane: this suggests she enjoyed expressing herself creatively and had good creative and organisational ability, since these are areas associated with Leo.
  • Mercury is in Taurus for Wood: this suggests she was cautious and practical in her thinking and took time when making decisions, since these are areas associated with Taurus.


I would like to thank Carla, Caroline and Victoria for all the laughs they gave me through their wonderful Mercury skills and I can only hope that they continue to  share their talents  wherever they are now.








Humour In the Horoscope: The Astrology of Comedy’ by Frank C. Clifford, published by Flare Publications and London School of Astrology,2015


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