House Call!

There are many different facets to a Natal chart; apart from the aspects, elements, modes planets and signs there is an area termed ‘the Houses’.

This term is used to describe the sections of the Natal chart from 1 to 12, each house is marked with its beginning degree around the outside of the Natal Chart and the first house always starts at the Ascendant.

Each house represents an area in one’s life:-

  1. Appearance, image, self
  2. Earnings, possessions and values
  3. Communication, mentality
  4. Home, parents, heritage
  5. Pleasure, love affairs and children
  6. Health, work
  7. Spouse, partnerships (both business and personal)
  8. Other people’s money, sex, death
  9. Beliefs, Higher education, philosophy, travel
  10. Career, status
  11. Friends and societies
  12. Secrets, hidden things

Depending on the nature of a planet(s) in a particular house can be helpful in providing insight into how that planet’s energies may manifest itself in the natal profile. Equally if there are no planets  a house this doesn’t necessarily mean that the area of life will not be significant, as always in astrology one has to look at the overall chart for information.

Through the process of researching and writing ‘Compass of the Stars’, I was intrigued to see that in the natal charts of  Cheiro, Aleister Crowley, Scott Cunningham, Sybil Leek, Madame Blavatsky and Doreen Valiente all had planets in the fourth house, the area that associates with home, parents and heritage.

This is the end of my ‘House Call’ !



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