The meaning of ‘Many Happy Returns…’

Going back to that phrase ‘Many Happy Returns’  Although it’s a rarity now to see it in print inside birthday cards, I used to puzzle over what that meant when I was young. Many Happy Returns?  Many Happy Returns of What?

My curiosity was put to rest in mid-life, when I discovered the word ‘returns’ refers to the transiting Sun, returning to the exact position it was at the moment of one’s birth. Once a year the transiting sun goes through the exact degrees,  minutes and seconds through the entire Zodiac.  It eventually returns to the exact position where one was born and happens once a year.  In astrology this is known as a ‘solar return’, hence the expression ‘Many Happy (Solar) Returns.’

The solar return chart is a forecasting tool which gives a general indication of influences, trends, challenges and successes through the coming year and can be of immense help in planning.


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