Leo and The Sun

The Sun moved into the sign of Leo on 22nd July 2016 and stays there until 23rd August when it will move into Virgo.

The Sun is the ruler of Leo and this sign is governed by the fixed mode and element of fire which gives a confident, determined, enthusiastic and loyal quality to the leonine nature.

Madame Blavatsky, co-founder of The Theosophical Society is the ‘Leo’ subject in my  forthcoming book, Compass of the Stars, although there is some controversy about her exact  time of birth.  This is because of the two different calendars, the Julian and the Gregorian so that was an area that gave me reason to scratch my head and frown !

Anyway, many Happy Returns to all you Leos – hope you have a great year when the sun shines on you and where you can be the creative, generous and individual person that you are at heart!


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