In detriment…


Moon in Capricorn in astrological terms is described as being ‘detriment’.  This description is given when a planet which is positioned in the zodiac sign opposite the sign it rules. In this example Cancer is the sign which is opposite to Capricorn and the ruler of Cancer is the Moon.

I’ll give another example: Sun in Aquarius is said to be ‘detriment’ as Leo is the sign which is opposite to Aquarius and the Sun is the ruler of Leo. One more perhaps? Mars in Libra because Aries is the sign opposite to Libra and Mars is the ruler of Aries. I’m sure you get the gist!

So what does Moon in Capricorn in a natal chart generally mean? (I say generally because as always one has to look at the overall natal chart to make an interpretation and ‘pick up messages’ about the person.)

Generally speaking we can say that, Moon in Capricorn people are steady, reserved and well-disciplined. In times of crisis Moon in Capricorn people can be of immense help taking responsibility and adapting a practical approach to a situation.  They can feel comfortable when in positions of authority and there is a need to be taken seriously and respected. There is also a need to be in charge of their emotions so can be seen as reserved and shy at times.

William Lilly, the highly celebrated and respected astrologer of the seventeenth and the subject of my Chapter 1 in Compass of the Stars, has the placement of Moon in Capricorn in his natal chart, and he certainly did accomplish much, sometimes involving too much personal sacrifice!



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