All the 7s

It’s the seventh day of the seventh month today and if you add up just the ‘16’ in 2016 to get a single digit… you get seven.

So I couldn’t help but ponder the number seven today and it’s associations with astrology, the planets, signs and the occult. The seventh sign in the Zodiac being Libra, the seventh planet Saturn, the seventh day of the week Sunday, ruled by the Sun the ruler of Leo.

The number seven in Qabbalistic correspondences is governed by Venus which rules both Taurus and Libra, there are also the seven chakras as well as the seventh card in the Major Arcana in The Tarot being the Chariot which is associated with the sign of Cancer.

Then of course there are the seven’s in the ordinary playing card deck, governed by suits which are each associated with the elements fire, earth, air and water (clubs= fire, spades = earth, air =diamonds and hearts = water, and the signs of the Zodiac all are associated with an element.

Being associated with seven by virtue of my luminaries in my natal chart being in Venus, I simply had to take advantage of the gorgeous weather today and get out and garden, it is only natural after all.

Oh yes of course – I  mustn’t forget to work on my Chapter 7 in the book which is  about  Gerald Gardner!



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