Brian, Eric and Gerald…

Have been trying my hardest to focus and sharpen my mind this weekend and get on with researching and writing my Gerald Gardner for my forthcoming book, Compass of the Stars, (The Wolfenhowle Press) as well as providing the amendments for my editor on the Eric Maple chapter. (For anyone wondering, Eric Maple was a well known broadcaster, folklorist and author).

I’ve not been as focused as I would have liked though, as have ended up doing more research on Eric Maple which I hadn’t anticipated and next to nothing on Gerald.  Writing and researching can be like that, sometimes!

As if that wasn’t enough, among all this I’ve been having fleeting thoughts about the now deceased Brian Jones, founder of The Rolling Stones, all of which seem to have been punctuated by Ruby Tuesday being played on the radio and seeing him on T.V. on Yesterday Channel performing with the rest of his band.

THEN today it hit me like a thunderbolt that today (July 3rd) is the anniversary of his passing. Dear old Brian, he had a lot of time for astrology and other esoteric subjects, and  actually turns up  very briefly in my chapter on Aleister Crowley.

For anyone that is interested, Brian was a sun sign Pisces and Moon sign Leo, and like Eric Maple he also shares the unique thinking placement of Mercury in Aquarius.  It will be interesting to see whether I can turn up any other similarities between them.


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